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Article domain: Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
Characterization of the DHC Crack Parameters in Zirconium Alloys
Al. Nitu, V. Radu, L Stoica, D. Toma
Received January 26, 2023

   Abstract. Zirconium alloys are used in heavy water-cooled reactors due to their low thermal neutron capture cross-section and good mechanical and corrosion properties. At the beginning of their operation, hydrogen was identified as an embrittlement agent. The source of the embrittlement was hydride precipitates that formed as platelets. Hydrides were associated with the cracks and the process was called Delayed Hydride Cracking – DHC. This research aims to develop a reproducible procedure concerning DHC KIH parameter measurements on Zirconium claddings, by using the Pin Loading Test (PLT) technique. Experimental activities including sample preparation, adding hydrogen, testing and results are presented in detail.

Key words: Zirconium alloys, DHC mechanism, hydrogen embrittlement, tensile test.
Article no. 910: Download
Romanian Journal of Physics 68 (7-8), 910 (2023)

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