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Article domain: Biophysics and Medical Physics
Roughness and Wear Resistance in the Process of Selecting Composite Resins
A. N. Staicu, O. A. Diaconu, C. Petcu, C. Nicolicescu, C. N. Cumpătă, I. Suciu, A. D. Popescu, A. Ş. Petrache, M. J. Ţuculină, L. P. Dragomir, P. Perlea
Received March 15, 2023

   Abstract. Due to the the multitude of composite materials available, choosing the most adequate ones is a difficult task. Apart from most relevant characteristics such as aesthetics and mechanical strength, it is just as important to obtain smooth restorations, given the negative effects of bacterial plaque retention on the stomatognathic system. We have considered four of the composite resins most frequently used by dentists in Romania and we used laboratory tests to analyse the wear resistance and surface roughness after applying 3 finishing systems. We show that finishing systems have a powerful impact on composite materials roughness, and the best results are obtained with a microhybrid composite. As for wear resistance, nanohybrid composites proved to be superior to microhybrid ones. The results of the study suggest that the structure of the composite material counter-balances its roughness. From a clinical perspective, the quality of the surface of dental restorations is important not only functionally, preventing their wear and bacterial plaque retention, but also from an aesthetical point of view.

Key words: Composite resins, wear, finishing systems, roughness, surface properties.
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Romanian Journal of Physics 68 (7-8), 703 (2023)

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