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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 68, Number 9-10, 2023
Editorial Material
In Memoriam: HORIA SCUTARU-UNGUREANU (30 October 1943 - 22 November 2014)

Article no. 001:  Full text
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Phonon Mediated Collective Dynamics of Coherently Pumped Two-Level Emitters
Victor Ceban, Mihai A. Macovei, Aurelian Isar
Article no. 114:  Full text | Abstract
Wave Amplification Outside of the Modulation Instability Band
Stanko N. Nikolić, Najdan B. Aleksić, Wieslav Krolikowski, Milivoj R. Belić, Nail Akhmediev
Article no. 115:  Full text | Abstract
AKNS Type Reduced Integrable Hierarchies with Hamiltonian Formulations
Wen-Xiu Ma
Article no. 116:  Full text | Abstract
Numerical Simulation of Thermally Radiative and EMHD Influenced Viscoplastic Fluid Flow: A Second Law Investigation
K. Deepa
Article no. 117:  Full text | Abstract
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Investigation of High Harmonic Generation in Ar-Ne Gas Mixture
Khoa Anh Tran, Khuong Ba Dinh, B, Thong Huy Chau, Sachin Chintalwad, Vi Khanh Truong, Hoi Ba Nguyen, Hung Tan Nguyen, Tien Phuoc Ho, Lap Van Dao
Article no. 207:  Full text | Abstract
Modes of a Nonlinear Fiber Containing a Parabolic Graded-Index Core with Light Induced Variable Radius
S.E. Savotchenko
Article no. 208:  Full text | Abstract
Nuclear Physics
Low Energy Analysis of Phase Shifts and Cross-Section for n3He System
M. Majumder, U. Laha
Article no. 303:  Full text | Abstract
RF Electron Source Design Modelling for Optimization of Initial e- Beam Parameters for LCS γ-Ray System
E. Iuciuc, P. Tracz, H. Schubert
Article no. 304:  Full text | Abstract
Steps Toward Optimizing HPGE Detector Efficiency in the Context of Low-Level Radioactivity Detection
Dalal Abdel Aziz, H. A. Saudi, Hesham M. H. Zakaly, Waffa El-Melegy, H. M. Diab
Article no. 305:  Full text | Abstract
Investigation on Neutronic Behavior of Pebble Bed Reactor for TRU Transmutation
Zuhair, Wahid Luthfi, R. Andika Putra Dwijayanto, Suwoto, Zaki Su’ud
Article no. 306:  Full text | Abstract
Modeling Alpha Particle-Induced Radioluminescence Using Geant4
C. Olaru, M.-R. Ioan, M. Zadehrafi
Article no. 307:  Full text | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Hyperbranched PEI-PEG/DNA Polyplex Formation: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Paul Trofin, Titus Adrian Beu
Article no. 618:  Full text | Abstract
Magnetic Properties of a Mixed Spin-1/2 and Spin-7/2 Hexagonal Core-Shell Nanotube
H. Saadi, E. M. Jalal, O. Elgarraoui, A. El Antari, M. Madani, M. El-Bouziani
Article no. 619:  Full text | Abstract
Highly Transparent ZnO-SnO2/PMMA UVC Shielding Coatings with Exceptional Mechanical Stability
Nevena Ćelić, Goran Štrbac, Imre Gut, Nenad Tadić, Ondrej Bosak, Svetlana Lukić-Petrović
Article no. 620:  Full text | Abstract
Boosting Efficiency Up to 34.5 % of CIGS-Based Solar Cells Using a New Heterostructure by Simulation
Mohamed Moustafa, Shadi Yasin, Mohamed Swillam
Article no. 621:  Full text | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
Correlations for Limestone Properties Used in Cultural Heritage Monuments in Malta
Lino Bianco
Article no. 911:  Full text | Abstract
Test Bench Solution for ASIC Inspection
D. Pietreanu, M. E. Vasile
Article no. 912:  Full text | Abstract