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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 68, Number 1-2, 2023
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Spinor Field in Bianchi Type-II Universe
Bijan Saha
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 101 (2023)
Article no. 101: PDF | Abstract
New (3+1)-Dimensional Integrable Extensions of the (modified) Vakhnenko-Parkes Equation
Weaam Alhejaili, Abdul-Majid Wazwaz, S. A. El-Tantawy
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 102 (2023)
Article no. 102: PDF | Abstract
Chaotic Dynamics of the Relative Phase between Two Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates
Fei Li, Wenwu Li, Zhijian He
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 103 (2023)
Article no. 103: PDF | Abstract
Polarization of Charged Spherical Dielectric Core-Shell
A. Marin, O. Ianc, T. O. Cheche
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 104 (2023)
Article no. 104: PDF | Abstract
Nuclear Physics
New Tritium Polymeric Surface Radioactive Sources for Beta Radiation Detection
C. S. Tuţă, C. Postolache, C. Teodorescu, C. Barna, G. Bubueanu, M. Bacalum, M-R. Ioan
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 301 (2023)
Article no. 301: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Planar and Coaxial Core-Shell Nanostructures Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition on Semiconductor Substrates
V. V. Ursaki, S. Lehmann, V. V. Zalamai, V. Morari, K. Nielsch, I. M. Tiginyanu, E. V. Monaico
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 601 (2023)
Article no. 601: PDF | Abstract
Plasticity and Resistance Indices in Cu/Soft Substrate and Cu/Hard Substrate Coated Systems
Daria Grabco, Constantin Pyrtsac, Olga Shikimaka
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 602 (2023)
Article no. 602: PDF | Abstract
Comparison of Parameters of Two-Dimensional (2D) and Three-Dimensional (3D) P-N-Junction Diodes
G. Gulyamov, M.G. Dadamirzaev, M.O. Kosimova
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 603 (2023)
Article no. 603: PDF | Abstract
Physicochemical and Optical Properties of Hybrid Films Containing TiO2-Based Silica Materials
Violeta Purcar, Valentin Rădiţoiu, Florentina Monica Raduly, Alina Rădiţoiu, Simona Căprărescu, Adriana Nicoleta Frone, Cristian-Andi Nicolae
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 604 (2023)
Article no. 604: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
About Statistical Precursor Earthquakes on October 12, 2021 with a Magnitude of 6.4 on the Island of Crete
A. Volvach, L. Kogan, K. Kanonidi, I. Bubukin, V. Shtenberg, L. Volvach
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 801 (2023)
Article no. 801: PDF | Abstract
Fractal Properties of the Spatial Distribution of Crustal and Subcrustal Vrancea Earthquakes
I.A. Moldovan, E. Popescu, M. Radulian, B. Enescu, A.O. Placinta, C. Ghita, A.P. Constantin
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 802 (2023)
Article no. 802: PDF | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
Development of E-Learning Asynchronous Course in Radiation Protection
C. Ionaşcu, G. Stănescu, G. Roşca-Fârtat, M. Sahagia
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 901 (2023)
Article no. 901: PDF | Abstract
Considerations Regarding the Gain Parameters of a Cruise Control
P. Roşca
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 902 (2023)
Article no. 902: PDF | Abstract
Damping of Spruce Wood at Different Strain Amplitudes, Temperatures and Moisture Contents
J. Göken, N. Saba, I.S. Golovin
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 903 (2023)
Article no. 903: PDF | Abstract
Online Timelapse Thermography 3D Viewer
L.M. Angheluţă, A.I. Chelmuş, A.I. Popovici
Romanian Journal of Physics 68, 904 (2023)
Article no. 904: PDF | Abstract