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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 66, Number 7-8, 2021
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Steering of Two Bosonic Modes in Noisy Environments
Marina Cuzminschi, Aurelian Isar
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 112 (2021)
Article no. 112: PDF | Abstract
Static Spherically Symmetric Space-Time: Some Remarks
Bijan Saha
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 113 (2021)
Article no. 113: PDF | Abstract
Explicit Rational Solutions for Time-Space Fractional Nonlinear Equation Describing the Propagation of Bidirectional Waves in Low-Pass Electrical Lines
Fares Bekhouche, Marwan Alquran, Iryna Komashynska
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 114 (2021)
Article no. 114: PDF | Abstract
An Inversion-Free Method for Computation of the Square Roots of Real Matrices
Hooman Fatoorehchi, Randolph Rach
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 115 (2021)
Article no. 115: PDF | Abstract
Analytical Solutions of the One-Dimensional Schrödinger Equation with Position-Dependent Mass
Tiberiu Harko, Man Kwong Mak
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 116 (2021)
Article no. 116: PDF | Abstract
On the Dynamics of the Lyophobic Colloids
M. Apostol, L. C. Cune
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 117 (2021)
Article no. 117: PDF | Abstract
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Spectrophotometric Techniques Used in the Prescreening Stage of Radiocarbon Dating Process
M. M. Cozac (Manea), C. A. Simion, I. M. Stanciu, B. M. Stefan, D. G. Pacesila, S. Vasilca
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 202 (2021)
Article no. 202: PDF | Abstract
Nuclear Physics
Extensive Study of the Positive and Negative Parity Wobbling States for an Odd-Mass Triaxial Nucleus I: Energy Spectrum
R. Poenaru, A. A. Raduta
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 308 (2021)
Article no. 308: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Sulfur and Selenium Coincidence Doppler Broadening Signature Curves
R. Domínguez-Reyes, A. Rodríguez-López
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 608 (2021)
Article no. 608: PDF | Abstract
Injection Photodiode Based on an Al–p-Si–n-Zn85Mg15O–n-Zn65Mg35O–Ag Structure
V. Morari, E. V. Rusu, V. Postolache, V. V. Ursaki, I. M. Tiginyanu, A. V.Rogachev, A. V. Semchenko
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 609 (2021)
Article no. 609: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
Statistical Analysis of Morphological Parameters of Microbial Aggregates in the Activated Sludge from a Wastewater Treatment Plant for Improving Its Performances
F. Aonofriesei, A. Bărbulescu, C.-S. Dumitriu
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 809 (2021)
Article no. 809: PDF | Abstract
Effects of soft soils on seismic ground motion in the Centre and Western Romania
A. Coman, E. F. Manea, M. Radulian
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 810 (2021)
Article no. 810: PDF | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
Photophysical Properties of Au and Au@SiO2 Nanoparticle-dye Complexes in Mesoporous Silica Matrices for Theranostics Purposes
K. Matveeva, A. Zyubin, A. Ognedyuk, E. Demishkevich, I. Kon, I. Samusev
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 907 (2021)
Article no. 907: PDF | Abstract
A Novel Stealth Method Realized by the Structure of Multi-Layered Film Laid on Perfect Electric Conductor at Microwave Frequency
L. Zhao, N. Wang, T.T. Zhu
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 908 (2021)
Article no. 908: PDF | Abstract