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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 66, Number 1-2, 2021
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Non-Perturbative Renormalization of the Yang-Mills Beta Functions
Renata Jora, Salah Nasri
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 101 (2021)
Article no. 101: PDF | Abstract
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
The Appearance of a Self-Focusing Nonlinearity in a Near-Surface Layer of a Crystal in Dependence of Electric Field
S.E. Savotchenko
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 201 (2021)
Article no. 201: PDF | Abstract
Nuclear Physics
Dose Distribution Inside the Volume of Different Optical Materials Used in Solid-State Dosimetry: A Monte Carlo Study
M. Zadehrafi, C. Olaru, S. A. Ciobanu, G. V. Ormenisan
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 301 (2021)
Article no. 301: PDF | Abstract
Individual Doses Recorded in IFIN-HH During a High Productive Period of Research and Development Regarding the Radiation Source Production and Applications
Felicia Mihai, Ana Stochioiu
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 302 (2021)
Article no. 302: PDF | Abstract
Alpha-Decay Half-Lives at the Magic Shell Closures
I. Silisteanu, C. I. Anghel
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 303 (2021)
Article no. 303: PDF | Abstract
An Extended Brown-Bolsterli Model for Pygmy Dipole Resonance
T. Isdraila, V. Baran, M. Colonna, A.I. Nicolin, M.C. Raportaru, E. Boicu
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 304 (2021)
Article no. 304: PDF | Abstract
Biophysics and Medical Physics
Baobab Fruit Shell: Biophysical Investigations of Bioactive Compounds and Minerals
S. Savić, S. Petrović, M.E. Barbinta-Patrascu, B. Danilović, L. Stanojević, S. Savić, Z. Petronijević
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 701 (2021)
Article no. 701: PDF | Abstract
Comparative Assessment of Stress and Strain Generated by Occlusal Loading in Intact and Endodontically Treated Teeth: A Finite Element Analysis
O.E. Amza, D. Nitoi, B. Dimitriu, I. Suciu, A.M. Coricovac, M. Chirilă, M.A. Bencze, L.Iosif
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 702 (2021)
Article no. 702: PDF | Abstract
Immunoaffinity Chromatography Based on Antigen-Type Nanoimmunosorbents Used in Separation and Characterization of Antidicamba Antibodies
I. Dorobanţu, L. Neagu, R. D. Stoica, C. C. Mustăciosu, C. Coman, D. Ancuţa
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 703 (2021)
Article no. 703: PDF | Abstract
Infrared Radiation in Dentistry; Measuring Heat Emission through Passive Method of Thermography
L. Iosif, C. Murariu-Magureanu, E. Preoteasa, M.E. Barbinta-Patrascu, C.T. Preoteasa
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 704 (2021)
Article no. 704: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
Germination Performance and Hydro-Time Model for Magneto-Primed and Osmotic-Stressed Triticale Seeds
J. Alvarez , E. Martinez, M. Florez,V. Carbonell
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 801 (2021)
Article no. 801: PDF | Abstract
Mineral Analysis of Different Bee Products by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
L. Barbeş, A. Bărbulescu, G. Stanciu, R. Rotariu
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 802 (2021)
Article no. 802: PDF | Abstract
A Possible Explanation for the Convective Rolls Formation in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Cristian V. Vraciu
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 803 (2021)
Article no. 803: PDF | Abstract
An Unknown Destructive Earthquake in Transylvania in the 1660s – Archeoseismology of the Inlăceni Unitarian Church (Harghita County, Romania)
M. Kázmér
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 804 (2021)
Article no. 804: PDF | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
Computation of Absorbed Power Using Co-Simulation TruckSim – Simulink
P. Roşca, S. Bradley
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 901 (2021)
Article no. 901: PDF | Abstract
Investigation of Cellulose Derivatives in Solution: Laser Light Scattering and Gel Permeation Chromatography Studies
A.G. Grigoras, V.C. Grigoras
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 902 (2021)
Article no. 902: PDF | Abstract
Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) Alloys Processed by Powder Metallurgy Techniques
A. Iorga, M. Lucaci, M. Lungu, E. Vasile, M. Straticiuc, I. Burducea, V. Marinescu, D. Talpeanu, G. Sbarcea, N. Stancu, E. Manta, M. Marin, D. Cirstea, I. Ion
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 903 (2021)
Article no. 903: PDF | Abstract
Thermal Characterization of Kaolinitic Clay
R. Deju, A. Cucos, M. Mincu, C. Tuca
Romanian Journal of Physics 66, 904 (2021)
Article no. 904: PDF | Abstract