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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 64, Number 9-10, 2019
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
QED in Strong Electromagnetic Backgrounds – Effective Action Methods
Ciprian Sorin Acatrinei
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 113 (2019)
Article no. 113: PDF | Abstract
On an Inverse Problem in Elastic Wave Propagation
B.F. Apostol
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 114 (2019)
Article no. 114: PDF | Abstract
Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields
ZCross: A Versatile Library to Manage Gas Scattering Cross-Section Tables
Michele Renda
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 402 (2019)
Article no. 402: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Liquid Phase of 3He on a Corrugated Graphene
G.H. Bordbar, M.A. Rastkhadiv
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 605 (2019)
Article no. 605: PDF | Abstract
Numerical Investigation of Quasi-Static Magnetic Cloak Performance in Time-Varying Magnetic Field
A. Steckiewicz, A. Choroszucho
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 606 (2019)
Article no. 606: PDF | Abstract
Biophysics and Medical Physics
In Vitro Studies on Chlorophyll Stability in Water and Nanoliposomes Affected by ‘azo’ Initiators of Free Radicals
S.M. Petrović, M.E. Barbinta-Patrascu, J.B. Zvezdanović, S.R. Savić, D.J. Cvetković
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 703 (2019)
Article no. 703: PDF | Abstract
Normal Brain and Organs at Risk Radiation Exposure in Multiple Coplanar and Non-Coplanar Arc Patterns of Volumetric-Modulated Radiotherapy for Glioblastoma Multiforme
V.G. Moldoveanu, M.T. Georgescu, M. Dumitrache, F.C. Vlad, N.V. Cioran, R.M. Anghel
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 704 (2019)
Article no. 704: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
Protection from Radon in Italy: Past, Present and Perspectives
F. Bochicchio, M. Ampollini, S. Antignani, C. Carpentieri, M. Caprio, B. Caccia, C. Di Carlo, S. Pozzi, S. Valentini, G. Venoso
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 817 (2019)
Article no. 817: PDF | Abstract
Study on Ageing of Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles and Their Fate in the Environment
L. Popescu, D. Buzatu, M. Balasoiu, C. Stan, B. S. Vasile, L. Sacarescu, D. Creanga, O. Ivankov, D. Soloviov, A.-M. Balasoiu-Gaina
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 818 (2019)
Article no. 818: PDF | Abstract
Indoor Air Quality Assessment in a Classroom Using a Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit
T. Catalina, M. A. Istrate, A. Damian, A. Vartires, T. Dicu, A. Cucoş
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 819 (2019)
Article no. 819: PDF | Abstract
The Radon Concentration Influence on the Radionuclidic Characterization of the Environmental Samples
L. Done, Gh. Dogaru
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 820 (2019)
Article no. 820: PDF | Abstract
Removal of Nickel Ions from Synthetic Wastewater Using Copolymers/Natural Extract Blend Membranes
Simona Caprarescu, D. Ion-Ebrasu, A. Soare, V. Purcar, A.-L. Radu, A. Sarbu, M. (Neagu) Pascu, C. Modrogan, A. M. Dancila, C. Deleanu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 821 (2019)
Article no. 821: PDF | Abstract
Magnetic-Time Model for Triticale Seeds Germination
J. Alvarez, E. Martinez, V. Carbonell, M. Florez
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 822 (2019)
Article no. 822: PDF | Abstract