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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 63, Number 5-6, 2018
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Generation of Quantum Steering in Gaussian Open Systems
Aurelian Isar
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 108 (2018)
Article no. 108: PDF | Abstract
Elliptic and Heun Functions in Spatially-Flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker Cosmologies
Denisa-Andreea Mihu
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 109 (2018)
Article no. 109: PDF | Abstract
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Ancient Silver and Bronze Metallurgy Studies by Micro-PIXE and SEM-EDS
D. Cristea-Stan, P. Mereuta, B. Constantinescu, D. Ceccato
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 204 (2018)
Article no. 204: PDF | Abstract
Families of Dipole Solitons in Self-Defocusing Kerr Media and Partial Parity-Time-Symmetric Optical Potentials
Hong Wang, Jing Huang, Xiaoping Ren, Yuanghang Weng, Dumitru Mihalache, Yingji He
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 205 (2018)
Article no. 205: PDF | Abstract
Nuclear Physics
Selection Rules for 48Cr
Arun Kingan, Michael Quinonez, Xiaofei Yu, Larry Zamick
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 301 (2018)
Article no. 301: PDF | Abstract
Half-Lives of Nuclei Around the Superheavy Nucleus 304120
A. O. Silisteanu, C. I. Anghel, I. Silisteanu
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 302 (2018)
Article no. 302: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
The Influence of Cu$^{2+}$ Doping Level on the Properties of ZnO Loaded with Ag Nanoparticles
A. Popa, M. Stan, D. Toloman, S.A. Porav, R. Stefan, D.C. Vodnar, T.D. Silipas
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 609 (2018)
Article no. 609: PDF | Abstract
Biophysics and Medical Physics
Bio-Activity of Organic/Inorganic Phyto-Generated Composites in Bio-Inspired Systems
M. E. Barbinta-Patrascu, N. Badea, M. Constantin, C. Ungureanu, C. Nichita, S. M. Iordache, A. Vlad, S. Antohe
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 702 (2018)
Article no. 702: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
Response of Solar Radiation Bioconversion on Medicago Sativa L. Silage Potential
D. Dunea, N. Dinca, C. Radulescu, C. Mihaescu, I.D. Dulama, S. Teodorescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 803 (2018)
Article no. 803: PDF | Abstract
Gamma Spectroscopy and SEM Characterization of ASH and Coal Samples Taken from ROMAG Power Plant
R.O. Dumitrescu, P. Mursa, R.M. Margineanu, A.M. Blebea-Apostu, I.V. Popescu, R.E. Ginghina
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 804 (2018)
Article no. 804: PDF | Abstract
Multifractal Cross Correlation Analysis between Aerosols and Meteorological Data
C. Marin, C. Stan, L. Preda, L. Marmureanu, L. Belegante, C. P. Cristescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 805 (2018)
Article no. 805: PDF | Abstract
New Model for Inorganic Pollutants Dissipation on the Northern Part of the Romanian Black Sea Coast
A. Barbulescu, L. Barbes, Y. Nazzal
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 806 (2018)
Article no. 806: PDF | Abstract
Seismic Wave Attenuation in the Vrancea Region. Part II. Crustal Q-Models
L. Ardeleanu
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 807 (2018)
Article no. 807: PDF | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
Low-Power Photovoltaic Cells Batteries Used as Gamma Radiation Dose Estimators
V. Fugaru, R.O. Dumitrescu, C.D. Negut
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 903 (2018)
Article no. 903: PDF | Abstract