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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 62, Number 9-10, 2017
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Scalar Pair Production in an External Electric Dipole Field on de Sitter Universe
Alin-Nicolae Chilom
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 120 (2017)
Article no. 120: PDF | Abstract
Mass and Potential Duality Explored via a Position-Dependent Mass Quantum Approach
Ihab H. Naeim, S. Abdalla, J. Batle, A. Farouk
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 121 (2017)
Article no. 121: PDF | Abstract
Application of Homotopy Perturbation Method in Solving Coupled Schrödinger and Poisson Equation in Accumulation Layer
Tijana Kevkić, Vladica Stojanović, Dragan Randjelović
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 122 (2017)
Article no. 122: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Density Functional Theory Study of Vacancy Induced Magnetism in Li3N
A. Ostlin, L. Chioncel, E. Burzo
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 607 (2017)
Article no. 607: PDF | Abstract
Numerical Study of Electromagnetic Stirring in a Cylindrical Configuration for Directional Solidification of Multi-Crystalline Silicon
Alexandra Popescu, Stelian Arjoca, Daniel Vizman
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 608 (2017)
Article no. 608: PDF | Abstract
Steady-State and Transient Photoconductivity of Amorphous (As4S3Se3)1-xSnx Thin Films
O.V. Iaseniuc, M.S. Iovu
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 609 (2017)
Article no. 609: PDF | Abstract
Morphology, Optical and Luminescence Properties of ZnO Layers Doped with Al or Ag and Co-Doped with Rare Earth Ions
A.V. Rogachev, A.V. Semchemko, V.E. Gaishun, E.V. Rusu, V.V. Ursaki, N. Curmei, V. Zalamai
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 610 (2017)
Article no. 610: PDF | Abstract
Biophysics and Medical Physics
Trace Elements in Some New Romanian Phytotherapeutic Drugs Determined by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA)
E.A. Preoteasa, C. Ionescu-Tirgoviste, M. Salagean, A. Pantelica
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 704 (2017)
Article no. 704: PDF | Abstract
Reassessment of Standardless XRF and PIXE Analysis of Some Dental Materials Used in Endodontics and Orthodontics
Paula Perlea, Ioana Suciu, Bogdan Dimitriu, Elena Preoteasa, Eugen A. Preoteasa, Bogdan Constantinescu, Daniela Stan, Catalina Chiojdeanu, Dan Gurban, Adela Scafes, Lucia Georgeta Daina, Ruxandra Ioana Suciu
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 705 (2017)
Article no. 705: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
Assessment of Radiological Significance of Building Materials and Residues
Nataša Todorović, Istvan Bikit, Miodrag Krmar, Dušan Mrđa, Jan Hansman, Jovana Nikolov, Slavko Todorović, Sofija Forkapić, Nikola Jovančević, Kristina Bikit, Ljiljana Janković Mandić
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 817 (2017)
Article no. 817: PDF | Abstract
Evaluation of the Quality of Drinking Water in Rasina District, Serbia: Physicochemical and Bacteriological Viewpoint
Nebojša Pantelić, Aleksandra M. Dramićanin, Danijela B. Milovanović, Jelena B. Popović-Đorđević, Aleksandar Ž. Kostić
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 818 (2017)
Article no. 818: PDF | Abstract
Using of Combined Nuclear Techniques for a Complex Radiometric Characterization of a Dendrologic Area in Magurele - Romania
C.A. Simion, M.R. Calin, A.E. Druker, E. Simion, N. Popa, I. Radulescu, N. Mocanu, S. El-Shamali
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 819 (2017)
Article no. 819: PDF | Abstract
Studies on the Aerosol Radioactivity Level and Air Quality Around Nuclear Research Institute Area
A. Stochioiu, F. Mihai, C. Stochioiu
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 820 (2017)
Article no. 820: PDF | Abstract
Remote Sensing of Snow Wetness in Romania by Sentinel-1 and Terra MODIS Data
R. Solberg, A.-B. Salberg, Ø. Due Trier, Ø. Rudjord, G. Stancalie, A. Diamandi, A. Irimescu, V. Craciunescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 821 (2017)
Article no. 821: PDF | Abstract
Spectral Response Features Used in Last IAEA Stress Test to NPP Cernavoda (Romania) by Considering Strong Nonlinear Behaviour of Site Soils
Gheorghe Mărmureanu, Elena-Florinela Manea, Carmen Ortanza Cioflan, Alexandru Mărmureanu, Dragos Toma-Danilă
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 822 (2017)
Article no. 822: PDF | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
Extinction Coefficient Used as Parameter in Gamma-Ray Dosimetry
C. Postolache
Romanian Journal of Physics 62, 905 (2017)
Article no. 905: PDF | Abstract