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21 Reusing of Both Agricultural and Industrial Wastes as Replacement Materials for Construction Industy: Radiation Shielding Analysis
Zeynep Aygun, Murat Aygun
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10 Controlled Synthesis of C70 Fullerene Micro/Nanotubes
U.K. Makhmanov, B.A. Aslonov, S.A. Esanov, A. Shukurov, T.A. Chuliyev
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10 Parallel Computing and a Multi-Layer Neural Network Algorithm for Solving the Fractional Duffing System
Guo-Qing Liu, Guo-Cheng Wu
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12 Influence of Temperature and Light on Magnetoresistance and Electrical Conductivity Oscillations in Quantum Well Heterostructured Semiconductors
U.I. Erkaboev, R.G. Rakhimov, J.I. Mirzaev, N.A. Sayidov, U.M. Negmatov
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21 BaGeTeO6: Er3+, Yb3+ Fluorescent Materials Reveal a New Frontier in Fir Based Optical Temperature Sensing and Fluorescence Anti-Counterfeiting
Shengyi-Liu, Duan-Gao, Li-Wang, Wenbin-Song, Jun-Huang, Ying-Zhu, Shitao-Wang, Wenjun-Zheng
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