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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 65, Number 1-2, 2020
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
On the Super-Renormalizablity of Quantum Gravity in the Linear Approximation
Dan Radu Grigore
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 101 (2020)
Article no. 101: PDF | Abstract
Interferometric Power of Gaussian Systems in a Squeezed Thermal Bath
Alexandra Mîrzac, Tatiana Mihaescu, Mihai Macovei, Aurelian Isar
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 102 (2020)
Article no. 102: PDF | Abstract
Proportional Integral Derivative Control of Fractional–order for a Quarter–vehicle Active Suspension System
A. Izadkhah, K. Nouri, A. Nikoobin
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 103 (2020)
Article no. 103: PDF | Abstract
Calculation of Expectation Values and Uncertainty for Linear Potential by Using Numerov Method
H. Bircan, A. E. Çalik, K. Mani̇sa
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 104 (2020)
Article no. 104: PDF | Abstract
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Atomic Clusters Deposited on Inert Surfaces
R. A. Gherghescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 201 (2020)
Article no. 201: PDF | Abstract
Nuclear Physics
Rainbow Extinction, Orbiting and Regge Poles
F. Carstoiu, M. Lassaut, L. Trache
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 301 (2020)
Article no. 301: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of Lithium-Indium Oxide and Its Possible Improvement by Molybdenum-Doping
Lj. Đačanin Far, N. Finčur, T. Ivetić, B. Abramović, D. Štrbac, O. Bosak, S. Lukić-Petrović
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 601 (2020)
Article no. 601: PDF | Abstract
Characterization of Sodium Alginate Based Films
C.R. Badita, D. Aranghel, C. Burducea, P. Mereuta
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 602 (2020)
Article no. 602: PDF | Abstract
Biophysics and Medical Physics
Evaluation of Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameters of the Nanoimmunosorbent SiO2-Anti Dicamba Antibody-Dicamba-Alkaline Phosphatase Antigen System in NanoELISA Technique for Assay of Dicamba Herbicide in Environmental Samples
I. Dorobanţu, L. Neagu, R. D. Stoica, C. C. Mustãciosu, C. Coman, D. Ancuţa
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 701 (2020)
Article no. 701: PDF | Abstract
Investigation of Polyethylene Glycol with Embedded Gold Nanoparticles Membranes
M. Todica, O. Stan, C. V. Pop, Ş. Răzvan, C. Niculăescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 702 (2020)
Article no. 702: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
The Problem with Temperature Dependence of Radon Diffusion Chambers with Anti-Thoron Barrier
Dobromir Pressyanov, Dimitar Dimitrov
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 801 (2020)
Article no. 801: PDF | Abstract
Quantification of Radioisotopic Pollution of Soil from Coal Fired Power Plant Surrounding
Nataša B. Sarap, Jelena D. Krneta Nikolić, Slađana Meseldţija, Ljiljana J. Janković Mandić, Marija M. Janković
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 802 (2020)
Article no. 802: PDF | Abstract
An Innovative System for Monitoring Radon and Indoor Air Quality
A. Tunyagi, T. Dicu, A. Cucoş, B.D. Burghele, G. Dobrei, A. Lupulescu, M. Moldovan, D. Niţă, B. Papp, I. Pap, K. Szacsvai, A. Ţenter, M.S. Beldean-Galea, M. Anton, Ş. Grecu, L. Cioloca, R. Milos, M.L. Botos, C.G. Chiorean, T. Catalina, M.A. Istrate, C. Sainz
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 803 (2020)
Article no. 803: PDF | Abstract
Methodological Approaches to Radon in Water Measurements: Comparative Experiences between Romania and Spain
S. Celaya, I. Encian, I. Fuente, D. Rabago, M. Moldovan, T. Dicu, A. Cucoş, A. Fernández, L. Quindos, C. Sainz
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 804 (2020)
Article no. 804: PDF | Abstract
Natural Radioactivity in Ceramic Tiles Used in Serbian Buildings
Predrag Kuzmanović, Nataša Todorović, Bojan Miljević, Jovana Nikolov, Jovana Knežević, Andrej Vraničar, Jan Hansman
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 805 (2020)
Article no. 805: PDF | Abstract
137Cs Behaviour on Leaching from Mortar to the Aqueous Media
R. Deju, C. Mazilu, M. Mincu, C. Tuca
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 806 (2020)
Article no. 806: PDF | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
A Digital Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectrometer
F. Constantin, M. Focsaneanu, M. Petruneac
Romanian Journal of Physics 65, 901 (2020)
Article no. 901: PDF | Abstract