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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 64, Number 7-8, 2019
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
Optimal Fidelity of Teleportation Using Two-Mode Gaussian States in a Thermal Bath as a Resource
Alexei Zubarev, Marina Cuzminschi, Aurelian Isar
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 108 (2019)
Article no. 108: PDF | Abstract
The Reduction of the Wronskian Solutions of the Modified KP Hierarchy to Its Constrained Case
Huizhan Chen, Lumin Geng, Jipeng Cheng
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 109 (2019)
Article no. 109: PDF | Abstract
Spatio-Temporal Numerical Modeling of Auto-Catalytic Brusselator Model
Nauman Ahmed, Muhammad Rafiq, Dumitru Baleanu, Muhammad Aziz-Ur Rehman
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 110 (2019)
Article no. 110: PDF | Abstract
Dynamics of Fusion and Fission Collisions between Lumps and Line Solitons in the Maccari’s System
Wei Liu, Abdul-Majid Wazwaz
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 111 (2019)
Article no. 111: PDF | Abstract
Rogue Waves as Self-Similar Solutions on a Background: A Direct Calculation
C.B. Ward, P.G. Kevrekidis
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 112 (2019)
Article no. 112: PDF | Abstract
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Profilometry by Polarizing Phase-Shifting Interferometry
F. Garoi
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 204 (2019)
Article no. 204: PDF | Abstract
Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields
Pion Form Factor and Low-Energy Hadronic Contribution to Muon $g-2$ by Analytic Extrapolation: Consistency and Sensitivity Tests
B. Ananthanarayan, I. Caprini, D. Das
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 401 (2019)
Article no. 401: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Effects of Magnetic Field on the Light Transmittance through Magnetorheological Suspensions Based Films
I. Bica, E. M. Anitas
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 604 (2019)
Article no. 604: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
Some Practical Improvements of Radon Concentration Measurement Protocols to Reduce Costs and Environmental Impact
G. Venoso, M. Ampollini, C. Di Carlo, C. Carpentieri, F. Bochicchio
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 814 (2019)
Article no. 814: PDF | Abstract
Radiological Aspects on the Research Reactor Separator Dismantling
R. Deju, C. Tuca, A. Zorliu, M. Mincu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 815 (2019)
Article no. 815: PDF | Abstract
Spatio-Temporal Changes in Annual Temperature Extremes over Romania (1961-2013)
Marius Victor Birsan, Dana Magdalena Micu, Elena Mateescu, Ion Andrei Nita, Róbert Szép, Ágnes Keresztesi
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 816 (2019)
Article no. 816: PDF | Abstract
Applied and Interdisciplinary Physics
Morphology and Physico-Chemical Characteristics of an Iron Fragment from Chaco Province
I.A. Bucurica, C. Radulescu, A.A. Poinescu, I.V.Popescu, I.D. Dulama, C.M. Nicolescu, S. Teodorescu, M. Bumbac, E.D.Chelarescu, G. Pehoiu, O. Murarescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 64, 906 (2019)
Article no. 906: PDF | Abstract