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Romanian Journal of Physics
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Volume 63, Number 3-4, 2018
Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics
A Closer Look at the Barboza-Alcaniz Equation of State Parametrization
Anindita Mondal, Subhajit Saha
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 106 (2018)
Article no. 106: PDF | Abstract
Numerical Spectral Legendre-Galerkin Algorithm for Solving Time Fractional Telegraph Equation
Y.H. Youssri, W.M. Abd-Elhameed
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 107 (2018)
Article no. 107: PDF | Abstract
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Temporal Coherence of Optical Supercontinuum
Maksim V. Melnik, Anton N. Tcypkin, Sergei A. Kozlov
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 203 (2018)
Article no. 203: PDF | Abstract
Lasers, Plasmas, and Beam Physics
Analytical and Semi-Analytical Heat Transfer Models for Strong Laser-Optical Windows Weak Interaction Using Integral Transform Technique
Mihai Oane, Dorina Ticos, Carmen Ristoscu, Maria Badiceanu, Anca Buca, Ion N. Mihailescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 501 (2018)
Article no. 501: PDF | Abstract
Condensed and Soft Matter Physics
Influence of Nitrogen Environment on the Performance of Conducting Polymers/CNTs Nanocomposites Modified Anodes for Microbial Fuel Cell (MFCs)
Anca Dumitru, S. Vulpe, A. Radu, S. Antohe
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 605 (2018)
Article no. 605: PDF | Abstract
Optical Coatings for ELI Experiments Prepared by Laser Ablation
A. Bercea, M. Filipescu, A. Moldovan, S. Brajnicov, D. Colceag, V. Ion, L. C. Nistor, A. Zorila, M. Dinescu
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 606 (2018)
Article no. 606: PDF | Abstract
Phonon Spectrum in Multi-Layer Anisotropic Wurtzite-Based Nano-Heterostructures
J. Seti, М. Ткаch, О. Voitsekhivska
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 607 (2018)
Article no. 607: PDF | Abstract
Indium-Zinc-Oxide Nanocrystallites: Preparation, Properties and Visible-Light-Generated Photocatalytic Efficiency in Degradation of Psychoactive Drugs from Water Systems
T. Ivetić, N. Finčur, B. Miljević, Lj. Đačanin Far, S. Lukić-Petrović, B. Abramović
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 608 (2018)
Article no. 608: PDF | Abstract
Biophysics and Medical Physics
Co-60 Specific Gamma-Ray Constant ($\Gamma$) Determinations for Various Biological Materials Involved in Radiotherapy Procedures, by Using GEANT4 and NIST XCOM
M.-R. Ioan, V. Fugaru, S. Bercea, A. Celarel, L. C. Tugulan, C. Cimpeanu
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 701 (2018)
Article no. 701: PDF | Abstract
Environmental and Earth Physics
Dose Assessment with Passive Personal Dosimeters Exposed to X-Ray Generators Using the 241Am Calibration Curve
F. Mihai, A. Stochioiu, C. Tuca
Romanian Journal of Physics 63, 802 (2018)
Article no. 802: PDF | Abstract